OurCrowd Wartime Resiliance Fund

OurCrowd is a well known Israeli venture capital/crowd funding organization. Its Founder Jonathan Medved figures prominently in the book “Start Up” Nation book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. Below is their important message.

Caveat: this is not an offer, advice or suggestion of any sort. Check it all out and take appropriate professional advice before taking any decision (and email [email protected] if you want international tax advice).

OurCrowd has decided to launch an emergency fund to support the tech ecosystem in Israel during this difficult time. This fund will support Israeli companies that either

  1. have been directly affected by the war, located in the Gaza Envelope or Norther Border region
  2. developing critical solutions including dual-use technologies, emergency medicine, food security, cybersecurity, media monitoring, reconstruction, and other verticals
  3. were in the midst of starting to raise a round but management were called up to the army

The fund target is $50m+ and our aim is for an extremely quick deployment.  We will not be charging any management fees or carry interest and will work with other VCs to support the startup ecosystem.   If you have any clients in Israel or abroad that are looking for ways to support the Israeli economy, feel free to show them this.  Happy to jump on a call to discuss further.  Attached is our presentation. 

Keep up the great work!

Warm regards,

Gavriel Frohwein

Investor Relations Associate

E: [email protected]

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